ALMPVA News Update October 2017

Oct 04, 2017

Congratulations to Rosines!  She has passed her citizenship test and is the latest student who has prepared with ALMP to become a US citizen.  Rosines was also fortunate to have study assistance from her two oldest children who have a commanding understanding of American history and supported their mom’s study by questioning her using the 100 questions a new citizen is required to know the answers to as well as demonstrate an ability to read and write in English.  Next for Rosines is the date for taking her Oath of Allegiance.


100 Civics Questions

How would you do answering these questions?  Try; go to 100 Civics Questions (and Answers) no fair looking at the answers! 

Guinea Jubilee

ALMP enjoyed the weekend at the Guinea Jubilee.  Thanks to all who participated in our raffles and stay informed as ALMP has  additional items for another raffle.

National External Diploma Program

Several students continue their preparation for the NEDP (National External Diploma Program) in co-operation with Hampton City Public Schools.  Do you know anyone who needs to complete his/her high school education and has been out of school more than ten years?  This program may be the best method of earning the high school requirements. ALMP is only a telephone call (804-210-9169) away and remember our price is right.  ALMP provides free 1-to-1 instruction.

Christmas Stocking Boutique

It is that time of year to begin your sewing to help ALMP with The Christmas Stocking Boutique. That is the time when we ask people who want to support Adult Literacy on the Middle Peninsula to make a Christmas stocking that will be put on display at The Courthouse Restaurant and await bids.  The maker of the stocking that receives the highest bid and the bidder will become Blue Ribbon.  Information is available by calling 804-210-9169.

Do you know someone who want to improve basic skills – reading and math?  Call (804-210-9169) for an appointment and bring that person to meet us.

Volunteers Wanted

Volunteer inquiries are encouraged and welcomed, call 804-210-9169 to make an appointment to discuss opportunities.


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