Newscard April 2016

Apr 19, 2016

April not only brings springs showers, but also busy days and great events.

For weeks ALMP has been asking for a donation (in workable condition) of a laptop so students preparing

for the GED Tests could take the GED READY Tests here at the library and those students who need to learn keyboarding skills could practice those skills. Then one day, in walks a “godfather” with a NEW laptop notebook and keyboard for the students who need to practice and prepare for the GED Tests. ALMP is grateful!

On April 3rd ALMP sponsored the 5K / 3K Run as the Sunday event during the Daffodil Festival. There were many runners for both races with 186 total runners. The Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism helped with many “fine” details as did Hodges & Bryant Plumbing, Water Pro and the many volunteers. The first place in the 5K received “gold” medals, while all other place finishers in the 5K and all 3K 1st through 3rd place finishers received blue, red and white ribbons, accordingly. The sky turned blue and the wind became a gentle breeze and the race was a success. The results are available at

As ALMP finishes one event, the Silent Apron Auction begins on April 15th with community people making aprons, taking them to the Courthouse Restaurant, customers placing silent bids. On May 9th, the day after Mother’s Day which is National Apron Day the blue ribbons will be awarded to the person making the highest bid and the person who made the winning apron.

April 10 – 16 is Volunteer Week, the time when ALMP thanks its volunteers for the valuable gifts of time and talents.

April 16th will find ALMP at the Home and Garden Show.

The meetings for April: GCRC: 04/06, BoD: 04/19, MMD: 04/20, MCRC: 04/21, BAH: 04/21.

Thanks for telling your friends and family what we do!


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