Newscard November 2014

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Thomas Hunter Middle School has done a great job recruiting participants for the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee.  24 students have completed the registration process and it is expected that more students will turn their forms in soon.  The first official bee will be held on November 20th @ 1:00 PM @ THMS.  The school bee will be followed by the District Bee on

December 18th and the Gloucester-Mathews Scripps Regional Spelling Bee on February 28th. ****  The Christmas stocking event, Sewing for Literacy, has begun!.  The stockings will be on display at the Courthouse Restaurant beginning November 28th until December 20th.  Whatever your material of choice is, (fabric, yarn, paper, duct tape) the Blue Ribbons will be awarded for best design, most unique and highest bid.  You are encouraged to “do your thing” and produce a stocking to help ALMP raise funds to continue its free, 1-2-1 tutor program to help the adults in Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex Counties improve their basic educational skills.  Call ALMP (804-210-9169) if you have questions.  ****  Aziz has successfully completed all the steps needed to become an American citizen; he is waiting for the date when he takes his Oath of Allegiance.  ****  The meetings continue at this busy time of year.  For November:  MMD – 11/03, GCRC – 11/05, MIH – 11/14, BoD – 11/18,

 MCRC – 11/20, BAH11/20.  Special notes:  The library is closed: November 11 (Veteran’s Day) and closes at 5:00 PM on November 26 through November 28 for Thanksgiving. ****  Remember to tell your friends and family about the work that ALMP does.  ALMP has open enrollment and is a year around program.  ****  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Newscard October 2014

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The spelling bee registration is open until October 15 at the early registration price of $130; from October 16 – December 12 the fee is $205.00.  Will there be a BEE this year?  Only time will tell as no schools have reg- istered as of this date.  There are Parents’ Meetings planned for Oct.8, Rm.

2 at the Gloucester Library and Oct. 9 in the John Warren Cooke Room at the MML.  Everyone who may have a student interested in spelling is encouraged to attend to find out more information about the Scripps Bee. ****  On October 8th from 1 – 5 here will be tutor training in Rm. 2 @ the Gloucester Library.  Jason Guard from Essential Education will share information regarding that series and the new GED Test. Delores Breen from the Gloucester Library will show tutors the program on the library website to help students prepare for the GED.  All tutors are welcome to come; call 804-210-9169 to register.  ***  Time to begin sewing (or knit- ting) those Christmas stockings that will be for sale at the Courthouse Restaurant after Thanksgiving through Christmas.  ****  Aziz has his last interview on October 29th for his citizenship.  ****Meetings for the month: MCRC: Oct. 16 @ 9AM,  BOD: Oct. 21@ 6PM Rm. 2 @ GL, MMD Oct. 22@

6PM.    ****  For those who are ready to try the new GED Test for free, the offer is still available until October 10.  Call for an appointment!  ****  Thanks, David, for referring your friend! ****   

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Newscard September 2014

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This is it … SPELLING BEE time.  The Mathews Market Days Student Bee is Saturday morning, September 6 at 11:00 AM in the Colonial Court House in the midst of the MMD activities; the adult spelling bee will take place at the same location at 2:00 PM.  THEN on September 8ALMP will kick off the SCRIPPS NATIONAL SPELLING BEE for all public, private and home-schooled students.  Enrollment in the Scripps bee is by school and/or home-school group.  For information about enrollment in the Scripps National Spelling Bee go to or call (804-210-9169) ALMP.  It is important to note that the early enrollment period ends October 16 (price $130.00) for public and private schools.  (Home-school groups have a different enrollment cost.)  ****  Several students have enrolled during the summer to begin their GED studies and have discovered the new GED is very different and difficult.  There are two sources at your finger tips available to assist you in your studies.  Go to for all the information needed about the new GED and also check out the Gloucester Library’s program on their website. and then on the left side, click on: Resources, Web links, Education then scroll and click on Learning Express, click on All Centers then High School Equivalency Center.  These computer suggestions are in addition to the tutoring offered by ALMP.  ****  Fundraising is paramount to ALMP’s program.  Help us at the Christmas Stocking Store which will be held at the Courthouse Restaurant beginning the day after Thanksgiving.  Sew or knit your favorite pattern into a stocking that will receive bids for purchase.  You don’t sew.  Think these two words … DUCT TAPE!  When you are ready to begin your stocking, watch the video on duct tape crafts, right there on your computer.   ****  BoD meeting on September 16 @ 6:00 PM in Room 2 at the Gloucester Library.  ****  See you at Mathews Market Days! 

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Newscard August 2014

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There are no “lazy days of summer” on the calendar for August so please put on your track shoes and join us as ALMP participates in the Summer Nights Market on Wednesday, August 6th at Carriage Court.  We’ll be there to sell Domino’s Pizza coupons and offer samples as we share the information about the Mathews Market Days Spelling Bees:  the Student Bee will be on Saturday, September 6 @ 11:00 and then the fundraising, Spelling for Literacy, when adult teams ($125.00 registration fee) compete to take possession of the travelling BEE trophy for the year.  Remember this is the BEE when a team has the option of buying its way back into the BEE, with a little help (paying the fines) from their friends.  Spelling for Literacy will also take place in the Colonial Courthouse at 2:00 that same afternoon.  Also plan to get more information about the Scrabble Tournament / Ice Cream Social / Music Fest on August 16th at the West Mathews Civic League in Bohannon.  Know someone who wants to improve their reading skills? A call to 804-210-9169 to make an appointment is the first step.

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Newscard June 2014

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He went, he spelled, and he was pleased with his performance! That is Jeffrey Cho’s summation of his week at the National Scripps Spelling Bee. ALMP is also proud of Jeffrey for the work that he and his word coach (Jenny) put in studying for the BEE and the answers he gave at the BEE. Good job, Jeffrey!

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Newscard March 2014

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This is the month of spelling bees!  Caleb, the first student winner of the Mathews Market Days student spelling bee, will be off to Long Beach, CA on the 7th to participate in the National Adult Spelling Bee on Sunday, March 9th.  ALMP conducted fundraising and community people made donations to make Caleb’s participation possible.  Thanks to Linda’s Diner and the community people for their support.  Thanks to Anita for being Caleb’s word coach!  We’ll be anxious to hear the results.  And … six days later (March 15th) is the Gloucester-Mathews Regional Scripps Spelling Bee at the historic West Mathews Community League.  Join us to find out which student will go to the National Scripps Spelling Bee at the end of May. 

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November 2013 Newscard

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October 2013 Newscard

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September 2013 Newscard

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August 2013 Newscard

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